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The theme of the July Sweet Treat Box is Quotes and the box is full of gorgeousness as usual with plenty to pretty up your life. The colours of mint green and pink are just beautiful and really feel like Summer.

The box also includes a mini kit as usual and this time it’s a chance to have a bit of watercolour fun. Normally there should be a hidden quote in the watercolour tag which reveals itself when paint is added over the top but unfortunately some people have found that their tags didn’t contain the resist. So as an alternative I thought I’d create something a bit different to show you how to create your own resists.


This is one of my favourite batik techniques which I’ve used so often and I warn you this tutorial is a bit picture heavy so sit back and enjoy.

You’ll need a clear ink pad, clear embossing powder, a stencil and a sponge.

Lay the stencil over the tag and tape down.


Pick up the ink on the sponge and apply it through the stencil onto the tag.


When you’re happy there’s enough ink on the tag, carefully peel off the stencil and add the embossing powder.


Heat up the powder to melt it as normal, this will now become your resist.


Mix the paint with a little water. You really don’t need much paint at all as the pigment is very intense. Make the mix quite watery. With the thinned paint, go right over the embossing. I prefer not to cover the whole area leaving some of the white tag clear of paint.


For more intense colour add more to the already wet paint.


Add a few drops here and there too.


Let the paint dry naturally, don’t be tempted to use a heat gun to speed it up. Once it’s dry lay it on a towel with a piece of plain paper over the top. Iron over it with a cotton setting on the iron.


The embossing will transfer to the paper. Keep going over it until there’s no embossing left on the tag.


With the waxy embossing off the tag it’s also possible to stamp over the design.


To finish it off add a little of the washi tape and sequins from the box along with one of the quotes from the sheet.


Why not try using a stamped image or word instead of a stencil to create the resist the effect is the same.

Have fun,

Jaine x



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