How long have you been crafting? – I have been a fan of crafting in general from a young age, I always loved getting craft kits for Christmas and birthdays. However I started planning in August 2015, just after my Dad died, and it was a great distraction during a tough time. Through planning I developed an interest in other crafts such as scrapbooking, which I now love, and more recently card making.
Do you have a favourite planner?– The planner I use day to day is the Erin Condren Life Planner, as I love this style of planner and decorating. I also have a large collection of ring bound planners as I just love the look of them, and the flexibility of being able to use whatever inserts I want. I like personal size the best, and my favourites would have to be my pink Kate Spade and my Met You Kikki K (also pink).
Do you have a dedicated craft space?– Yes! I have slowly taken over the window area of one of our spare rooms. It started with a desk and raskog cart, now I have another raskog, a large coloured drawer set and I just this week added a medium kallax unit. It’s my favourite place to spend my days off.
Do you have any pets?– Yes, I have a black longhaired cat called Missy. We adopted her from the cats protection in December 2015 and they said she was 6 or 7 then, so she is around 8 now (probably). She loves to hang out with me in the craft room, and only occasionally jumps onto my desk to help. Her favourite thing is to sit on bubble mailers, flat cardboard boxes and tissue paper.
What else do you do apart from plan? – I’m an A&E nurse, I work 12.5 hour shifts which are long and tiring, but mean I have lots of days off to spend planning and crafting.
Where’s your favourite place to be? – New York! My brother, sister-in-law and little niece live there, and I love to visit. I love spending time with them, seeing the sights, and of course going to Michaels!
What music do you listen to? – I like a mix, indie, rock, and pop! My favourite bands are Biffy Clyro, Frightened Rabbit and Mumford and sons. My favourite music to craft to is Taylor Swift! I usually put on an amazon prime playlist to get a bit of variety.
What is your favourite item of stationery?- While I love a good pen, I absolutely love washi tape, even though i’d not heard of it a few years. I dread to think how many rolls I have, its definitely triple figures. The silly thing is I actually don’t even use it that much any more.
What’s your favourite food and drink?-Hmm, tough one! I like nothing better than eating out. My favourite hot drink is a Starbucks caramel Macchiato, I don’t drink often but I do like a fruity cider or mojito. Foodwise, there isn’t much I don’t like! If I had to choose one thing, it would probably be bacon. Favourite meal would be steak with diane sauce.
What made you want to be part of the design team?- I wanted to join to challenge myself to be more creative. I’m terrible for buying craft supplies and not using them. By being on the design team I’m pushing myself to use my supplies, and constantly using new techniques. It’s great to be part of a lovely team, with such talented ladies that I can always rely on for crafty help. I also love being a part of the PP&P community on facebook, which is fun, caring and very supportive of everyone.