Here’s a bit about Jaine

  • Tell us about where you live – I live in a very leafy part of Europe called Luxembourg.  I love it here. Most people will tell me they’ve passed through it on the way somewhere else but really they should stop and see more of the country. It’s the size of an English county and is bordered by France, Germany and Belgium so perfect for a bit of travel. It’s covered with forest and crossed with hundreds of paths for walking and biking.
  • What inspires you – I’m always inspired by my surroundings. My studio table looks out on the forest beyond which is always a brilliant source of inspiration. I take the dog for a walk in the forest most days and if I come across something interesting I’ll whip out my phone to take a quick photo then come back to my studio and sketch it out. That sketch might later find its way into my journal or become the idea for a new design idea.
  • How long have you been crafting – I’ve been crafting as long as I can remember in various forms. When I was younger I spent lots of time with my Grandma who tried to teach me knitting and crochet as well as other crafts. She was the one who inspired me to start drawing. By the way I still can’t crochet!
  • What sort of planner girl are you – I’ve tried most planner styles but I always come back to the Travelers Notebook style. I have a Websters Pages TN which I love to make my own inserts for but I’ve also taken to making and using a mini passport size which is adorable and so portable.
  • What else do you do apart from plan – I write for Craft Stamper Magazine and design my own range of stamps. I run a small online shop where I sell my stamps and teach workshops locally.
  • Tell us a bit about where you craft – I have the whole basement of our house to myself but far from being dark and damp it opens out onto the outside and is flooded with light. I love working next to the window as my view is gorgeous.
  • Where’s your favourite place to be – Definitely outside on a sunny day surrounded with my supplies and a sketch book.
  • What other hobbies do you enjoy – I love gardening but right now we’ve a hyper active Australian Shepherd called Cooper who also likes gardening. Unless I build some raised beds I think my veg patch is doomed! I like to do a bit of sewing, my sewing machine though is abused terribly as I use it alot for paper and card. When ever I can I love to get out on my mountain bike. I’d like to teach the dog to run next to me but I think it’ll be a while before I’m brave enough.
  • What music do you listen to – I can be found quite often in my studio with my Disco Spotify playlist playing very loudly in the background. It’s amazing what a boost it gives me. I was a bit of a disco diva back in the day, I even had a pair of spray on satin trousers!

You can find Jaine at  basementgal on Instagram  basementgal on Pinterest  and basementsixtyfive on Etsy