10 Things About me

1. Where do you live? – I live in Luxembourg in the heart of Europe with my hubby, three grown girls and a crazy dog called Cooper.

2. What influences you? – Where I live is surrounded by forest which is my main source of inspiration. Having a dog means I walk every day, mostly in the forest and it’s during these times I’m either collecting materials to work with or thinking up ideas for projects.

3. What hobbies do you have? – I love art journaling, collage art, planning and sketching as well as gardening and teaching myself to crochet.

4. Where’s your favourite place to be? – If I’m not in the forest I’d rather be on a beach somewhere. I love the sea but sadly I live in a land locked country.

5. What crafty item could you not be without? – My pencil case of drawing materials, that’s one item right?

6. Do you have your own craft room? – I’m very lucky to have my own craft room in the basement, that’s why on social media I’m known as basement gal and my business is basement studio.

7. What’s your favourite time of year? – Definitely Spring. I love the renewal and freshness after the Winter. It’s like a new start, more so than January 1st. Plus I love the bright green colour.

8. What music do you listen to? – To the dismay of my family, I like to craft with my Spotify 80’s playlist or disco blaring out! Showing my age there!

9. Do you have a claim to Fame? – Clare and I met Tim Holtz a couple of years ago in Birmingham and I went all stupid and fan girly! To be fair, Clare did too!

10. What is your day job? – I have my own company Basement Studio where I make journals, notebooks and photo albums plus I’m the assistant editor for Craft Stamper Magazine.

You can find out more about me on my web site

Jaine x

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