Q&A about me.

1 – How did you come up with your shop name AwayWithTheFairiesCo?

As a child and even sometimes now as an adult, I will drift off into a little world of my own, my mum used to ask me if I had been away with the fairies.

She used to say things like, “you will come back with wings one of these days”.

My mum suddenly passed away in 2012 and while I was still wracking my brain for a good name I went to visit her grave and the name just came into my head, and so my shop began.

2 – What is your favourite item of stationery?

Pens, Pens and oh more pens.

So much so my little dark secret is I have a box of pens in my little craft room which contains pens that I have had for over 15 years, nearly every decent pen I have ever had is in that box. I just cannot part with a single one of them.

3 – What is your favourite planner?

At the moment (because there is always someone bringing out a pretty planner) I have two, My Grape A5 Carpe Diem and my Personal Size Purple Uglydori,

4 – What style of planning do you use?

I use my A5 for work, business and my Design team planning using the planning pages I get in the sweet treat box as that allows me to change it up every month and not get bored, I also use my personal size UglyDori for everyday planning and that’s more of a mish mash of writing and functional stickers.

5 – What does your husband think about your planner/stationery/craft obsession?

The same I think about his Land Rover/Defender obsession, Daft!

Although he does share my obsession with pens so I get away with that one.

6 – What other crafts do you enjoy?

I do like to put my hands to most things crafty but I do enjoy scrapbooking and papercrafts.  I also like to sit and cross stich when I get the time but that’s not as often as I would like.

7 – Do you have a job other than your Etsy shop?

Yes, I am a Mum to a very Bright, Beautiful and cheeky 1 Year old and I also have a Job as an Admin and Finance Coordinator 4 days a week.

8 – What is it like being part of a design team?

I enjoy being part of the team and the Facebook group, the group is full of talented and inspiring women.

I enjoy making my ideas come to life using the sweet treat box and sharing them with the group, I also love seeing what other people have created.

9 – What’s your favourite food and drink?

I have somewhat of an addiction to Diet Irn-Bru so much so if I ever go on holiday I must take some with me just in case I can’t find it anywhere.

Food wise, well any kind of cake and I’m happy but cheesecake is my favourite.

10 – Who inspires you?

My Sister, she is such a fighter and has been through so much in the last 10 years, she’s the only one apart from my husband who doesn’t think I’m daft for opening a sticker shop (the other strange people just don’t understand the obsession).

She supports me in whatever I try and she loves to give her friends gifts I’ve made using my silhouette, she gives me an idea of what she wants and then lets me create whatever I like.

Thanks for reading,

You can find more of me on Instagram @awaywiththefairiesco, Facebook @Awaywiththefairiesco and Etsy as AwayWithTheFairiesCo.